What Seed Professionalisation Means For The Industry


As the cannabis industry grows and benefits from increased funding and methodology worldwide, change is inevitable across the board. The seed industry is no different, with promising developments in product quality and identification resulting in more consistent quality, and cannabis seed professionalisation at both ends of the spectrum. How cannabis genetics will be impacted At present, there is variable quality in cannabis seeds, with many cultivars lacking uniformity and stability in a genetic sense. Because of this, many people opt to use clones rather than seeds to ensure a more predictable output. As the seed industry moves toward professionalisation, one of the main positives will be homogeneity of output, where seeds can produce the same standard and consistency of plants as asexual propagation does, i.e., clones and cuttings. It should be noted that stabilising genetics can take years in some cases. At present, companies like Pharmaseeds are working with breeders to encourage new and exciting genetic traits and stabilize the lines already in production. By providing a platform where the performance of the genetics is fed back to the breeders, breeders will be able to understand how crops grow in different environments and how they respond to different conditions. As these new standards are set, this will bring a higher level of protection of the breeders’ intellectual property whilst providing sustained revenue from the genetics. This will allow breeders to continually develop and optimise the lines, constantly improving their products instead of only developing new lines. Improved seed condition Depending on the supplier, a pack of seeds may contain inconsistencies, anomalies, or damaged seeds- professionalisation would bring a higher standard of sorting and testing – which in some cases is currently not done at all. Some suppliers merely harvest the seeds and begin packaging, whereas others carry out thorough germination…

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