‘This is Going to Change the Way People Think About Medicine’


<![CDATA[In the March 2019 Cannabis Business Times cover story, Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, co-founder and chief science officer of GB Sciences, said, “My personal mission is to take cannabis-based therapies to the U.S. FDA.” Just over two years later, Small-Howard, who was promoted to president of the Las-Vegas company in June, is close to her goal. GB Sciences has completed animal studies on a treatment for Parkinson’s disease and is finalizing another animal trial of a slow-release, cannabis-based pain medication that Small-Howard calls a “game-changer” for people suffering from chronic pain. The next step is to get FDA approval on human trials, which Small-Howard hopes will be in 2022 for the Parkinson’s formulation and shortly thereafter for the pain management drug. RELATED: Clinical Cannabis: How GB Sciences is Redefining the Industry Through Research She also co-invented a “drug discovery platform” using artificial intelligence (AI) that is programmed to identify novel, plant-based formulations to treat multiple symptoms of conditions. The company is using the proprietary technology, known as “Phytomedical Analytics for Research Optimization at Scale,” or PhAROS, to expedite plant-based medicines that contain a combination of active ingredients and get them to market sooner. "The PhAROS platform is a new version of the software that we developed earlier when we were exclusively studying cannabis-derived mixtures," Small-Howard said. Small-Howard spoke with Cannabis Business Times to share more details about GB Sciences research, how the AI technology works, and what’s next for the biopharma drug development company. Michelle Simakis: Congratulations on your promotion to president of GB Sciences. What direction do you hope to take the company in?Dr. Andrea Small-Howard: There was a time when producing cannabis-based products through state-run programs was the majority of what we were doing. Now, the majority of our effort is being spent on preparing cannabis-based formulations for the U.S. FDA…

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