Georgia Close To Allowing Sale of Medical Marijuana


If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation EDITOR: Heather Allman PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT Major developments in Georgia’s medical marijuana program expected this coming week Originally published by Rob DiRienzo on July 17, 2021 for FOX 5 Atlanta   Georgia gets closer to legal marijuana A state commission plans to award licenses to growers. Patients say it’s been a long frustrating wait for a legal framework for the treatment. ATLANTA – After years of waiting, advocates say Georgia is closer than ever to beginning to allow the sale of medical marijuana. The state’s Access to Medical Cannabis Commission has announced that it plans to vote on which growers it will award licenses to on Saturday. “Wow, I mean this is seven years in the making,” said Joshua Littrell, founder of Veterans for Cannabis. It has been years since Republican former Gov. Nathan Deal signed a bill into law legalizing low-potency marijuana oil for people with severe chronic illnesses. “The next step is to issue what is known as a ‘Notice Of Intent to Award’ the license contracts,” said Andrew Turnage, executive director of the state-run Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission. “The Commission anticipates the announcement, which will name the companies the Commission intends to award low-THC oil production licenses to, will be voted upon at the next public meeting.” The meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 24 at 11 a.m. in Rock Spring. Medical marijuana patients throughout the state have grown frustrated with the slow pace in which the license are moving along. “Right now, patients have to go to the unregulated market to get medicine if they want to get relief,” said Alexis Harris, who had a medical marijuana card for PTSD, but let it expire because she cannot use it. Harris said the seven-year wait has some patients suffering from chronic illnesses to look…

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