A Guide to Kush Cannabis: What is it and which are the best strains? 


If you’ve taken a look at the strains and seeds we have on offer at Seedsman, you may well have seen names like Kush Cannabis, Purple, and Haze bouncing about. To any novice, they can appear a little confusing. While you might understand the difference between Indica and Sativa strains, other terms are more cultural than morphological.  Related Post Is CBD Oil Legal? Take Kush, for example. When you see this connected to a seed strain, it can mean several things, mostly to do with flavor, smell, even the effects of the cannabis or its place of origin. Many will have a strong genetic component that connects them all together and will include these characteristics.  So, to help you out, we’ll take a look at this one particular term and what it means for your cannabis, as well as the most popular strains to try out.   What is Kush?  It’s a definitive variety of cannabis that was discovered back in the 70s and originates from the Hindu Kush Mountains, a region that is bordered by both Pakistan and Afghanistan. It grows naturally in this region and was bought back to the US by people traveling there. Afghan Kush is something of a legend, and most cannabis connoisseurs will have tried it at some point.   Related Post Moon Rocks – What Are They And What’s The Best Way To Smoke Them? Any strain that has the genetics of the Kush plant will share some common characteristics. Over the last few decades, it has become a popular variety for cannabis connoisseurs. Here’s what you usually get:  It’s quite a colorful and distinctive plant. You’ll find leaves that have more than a hint of purple in them and the colas are a striking green. When you look a little closer at the fine hairs or pistils of the plant you’ll notice that they can turn to…

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Source : A Guide to Kush Cannabis: What is it and which are the best strains? 

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