What Does OG Stand For in Cannabis?


If you’ve only heard of one cannabis cultivar, chances are it’s OG Kush. Legendary for its potency, this building-block strain has provided the genetics for many other cultivars, many of which carry the letters OG in their name in reference to their parentage. Despite appearing on dispensary menus for a quarter of a century, these enigmatic initials remain shrouded in mystery. The debate around what exactly OG signifies concerning cannabis continues to rumble on. Related Post A Guide To Kush Cannabis: What Is It And Which Are The Best Strains? OG Kush – A Cannabis Legend There’s no doubting “OG” first appeared with the emergence of OG Kush in the mid-1990s. A few theories have been suggested as to how this cultivar came about. Some claim it was developed in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles and is a hybrid of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and a Pakistani Hindu Kush landrace strain. The most widely accepted version is the OG Kush mother plant was first bred in Florida by Matt ‘Bubba’ Berger. He used seeds from a bag of unspecified flower in the early 90s. Not to confuse the Kush landrace, Berger’s cultivar was soon given the nickname ‘Kushberries’ by some of his friends about its sizeable colas. In time, the name got shortened to Kush. A few years later, in 1996, Berger sent a cutting from this mother plant to Josh Del Rosso – better known as Josh D – in southern California. The following year Kush cleaned up at a cannabis contest in the Bay Area. At this point, its popularity took off. Resulting in an explosion of imitations from other breeders attempting to cash in on the Kush phenomenon. To distinguish their product, Berger and Josh D added the OG, resulting in OG Kush’s name. According…

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