Kanabo to Deliver First Medical Grade Cannabis Extract Vape Formulas in the UK


– Thousands of UK patients to be the first in Europe to have access to Vape containing medicinal cannabis – – Deal with LYPHE Group will see delivery this month ahead of schedule – LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kanabo, the first medicinal cannabis company to IPO on London Stock Exchange, will be delivering its medicinal cannabis formula to the UK this month, as scheduled. The deal with LYPHE Group means that thousands of patients will be the first in Europe to have access to pain relief delivered in a metered dose via Kanabo’s VapePod. The VapePod, a medical-grade handheld vaporiser, allows physicians to now confidently prescribe accurate and precise micro doses of cannabis; with each inhalation 1mg of formula is dispensed. Inhalation of cannabis extracts allows for a faster onset and higher bioavailability than tinctures and oils, and now that doctors can monitor a patient’s metered-dosage, more accurate patient data. In a letter from the Department of Health, giving support and guidance to clinicians about cannabis based products for medicinal use, it states that “the health harms of smoking are clear and patients should be informed of the health risks associated with such use.” Until now, UK patients were only able to have access to medical cannabis dry flower and oil tinctures; even though they are advised against it, the majority of patients choose to smoke medicinal cannabis flowers due to the fast onset via inhalation. Kanabo’s medical line aims to enable patients to move away from the harmful habit of smoking medical cannabis flowers. Patients can now take their medicine without inhaling soot, tar and carcinogens into the lungs. The medical extract formula boasts a purity of 70% THC with 15% minor cannabinoids and terpenes, and is based on the Israeli medical cannabis pharmacopoeia as a recommendation for the treatment of pain…

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Source : Kanabo to Deliver First Medical Grade Cannabis Extract Vape Formulas in the UK

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