Former South Carolina Congressman Vows to Legalize Cannabis in His Run For Governor


<![CDATA[With Virginia becoming the first adult-use cannabis domino to fall in the South, the race is now on among neighboring states to follow suit and end prohibition. South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Joe Cunningham hopes his state is the next. The former one-term Democratic congressman, who represented South Carolina’s coastal 1st District from 2019-2021 in the U.S. House, narrowly lost his re-election bid to Republican state representative Nancy Mace, 50.6% to 49.4%, in the November election. During his two years in Washington, D.C., Cunningham joined bipartisan bills the second most often compared to other House Democrats, and was the fifth most politically right compared to House Democrats, according to Cunningham, 39, is now seeking his party’s nomination to challenge South Carolina Republican Gov. Henry McMaster, 74, in the November 2022 election. joeforsouthcarolina.comSouth Carolina Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Cunningham presents his proposal to end cannabis prohibition in a July 12 press conference. While Cunningham announced his run for governor in April and has since announced his support of cannabis legalization, he formally released his plan to end cannabis prohibition in the state during a press conference July 12 in Charleston. That plan calls for the full legalization of medical and adult-use cannabis for adults 21 years and older, as well as for the expungement of cannabis-relation convictions.“There are countless reasons to provide our citizens with a safe and legal marijuana option,” Cunningham said. “Legalizing marijuana would free up our law enforcement to focus on more serious crimes and more effectively tackle our state’s record-high murder rate. It would be a game-changer for people in South Carolina with debilitating health conditions. And it would generate tens of millions in tax revenue to finally provide critical funding for our state.” According to South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division data, murders in the state were up…

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Source : Former South Carolina Congressman Vows to Legalize Cannabis in His Run For Governor

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