My First Time Magic Mushrooms Experience


You may not have heard about magic mushrooms, but they contain a naturally occurring psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound. Psilocybin is classified as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning that the chances of abuse are high. These mushrooms are prepared by drying and mixed into drinks and food. The best part of these shrooms has a long history of being associated with self-discovery and spiritual experiences. It is wildly believed that drugs like shrooms and weed help people attain a level in their spirituality. In my quest for self-discovery and independence, I’ve tried lots of therapies. Not like they didn’t work, but I didn’t get all the satisfaction my body desired. I knew I needed more. After a friend told me about Magic mushrooms canada, I decided it was time to try it out. I tried so hard not to abuse it, and the positive effects were amazing. Here are some of the things I experienced using magic mushrooms for the first time: A shift in personality After I lost a loved one, it was hard to cope with life. I was withdrawn from reality because I was so attached to my father. He still lived in my head even after several months. I’ll forget that he is dead and walk into his room to ask for a favor. It was hard to come to terms with my reality. As a result, I shut everyone out and wanted to be alone. Everyone who approached me for a conversation could feel the resentment from afar. I didn’t see the need to show love or think I was lovable. A 2011 study showed that magical mushrooms increase open-mindedness in humans. When I read about this study in detail, I found the revelation exciting and wanted to see if the therapy would work for me.…

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