Cookies' London Pound Cake #75 Review


It had been a minute since I’d smoked anything like Cookies’ London Pound Cake #75.  A wiser feller than myself once said, “sometimes you hit the weed and, well … sometimes the weed hits you.” At the start of 2020, I made a conscious shift in my consumption habits, from high-powered joints, frequent dabs, and vape carts to rolling with lower-THC flower and hemp and partaking in the occasional 10 – 20 milligram gummy. As a heavy consumer, I knew it was time to get more deliberate and tactical about my habits to reclaim a fuller, more nuanced relationship with the plant — and I did.  Now, when I hit the occasional blunt or do a quality dab or roll with a more potent strain of top-shelf flower, I get a lot more out of it than I did when I was still consuming a lot of high-THC stuff indiscriminately.  London Pound Cake #75 isn’t Cookies’ most high-powered strain, but it ain’t no mids either. As I mentioned above, before sampling some LPC #75 for this review, it’d been a while since I’d hit anything like it. Every Cookies strain I’ve ever smoked has been a memorable adventure in flavor, color, aroma, and excellent vibes. Since its inception, the Cookies brand has all but remade the California weed market in its image, making devoted hype beasts out of ardent fans and achieving a lifestyle-brand presence that most other weed companies dream of. So the real question, as always, is whether the product lives up to the hype.  In my experience, the answer has always been yes, and an eighth of London Pound Cake #75 is as good an example as any of what Cookies does best.  First impressions  The first thing you’ll notice about the LPC #75 packaging is Queen…

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