The Science of Feminised Cannabis Seeds


How did we get to feminised cannabis seeds? In Greek mythology, Hermaphroditus, the son of Hermes and Aphrodite, was fused with a nymph, Salmacis, resulting in one individual possessing physical traits of both sexes. Hermaphroditism is a natural trait that occurs spontaneously in cannabis plants in the wild as a final emergency response to the absence of either sex in a colony. The mechanism allows the plant to self-pollinate by producing both female and male flowers. The Science Most dioecious (distinctively male or female) plants have apparently evolved from hermaphroditic ancestors, so the trait remains partly active in many species of plants. Although this trait prevails in many pure sativa lines, it has been largely outbred from modern commercial hybrids. Usually, it’s the female plants that produce staminate parts, although reversal of both sexes has been reported by growers. Seemingly normal dioecious plants can display this trait when they are grown in unfavourable environmental conditions. Some examples of things that might affect the sex of cannabis plants include: – High and low temperatures– ph fluctuations– Plant hormones– Light leaks in the grow room– Water-related stress and overfertilization. In this sense, there are no true males or females, only dioecious plants with a greater or lesser potential for the dual-sex state. Developing feminised genetics Female plants will most likely turn if they are genetically prone to the condition. Once turned, the females will form modified or incomplete pollen sacks that look like tiny bananas. The change often goes unnoticed because the bananas start growing right out of the bud, and they are difficult to spot with the naked eye. The pollen from these hermaphroditic females can either be fertile or sterile. If the pollen is fertile, she usually pollinates all the plants in the grow room, effectively ruining the entire sensimillia…

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Source : The Science of Feminised Cannabis Seeds

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