710 Or Dab Day Keeps The Summer Party Going


July 7 or Dab Day is keeping the summer party going at dispensaries. The holiday celebrates the idea that 710 looks like “oil” spelled backward or upsidedown. Admittedly, it’s a stretch but hey cannabis consumers are entitled to party whenever they want. Even with the pandemic last year, sales still increased for these products. 710 Data Headset reported that on Dab Day 2020 (7/10/20) total US cannabis sales increased by 5.0% over an average of the previous four Fridays. Canadian cannabis markets saw a larger sales increase with 10.3% growth over the same time frame. Both US and Canadian cannabis customers made sure ‘Dab Day’ lived up to its name in 2020. In both countries, concentrates had by far the strongest single-day sales growth of all product categories. In comparison to the previous four Fridays, Canadian concentrate sales increased by 40.6%, with Pre-Rolls (+11.5%), Edibles (+10.9%), Vapor Pens (+10.1%) also seeing some positive growth. Concentrate sales increased by 48.6% in the US, with Vapor Pens (+8.0%) as the only other category enjoying positive growth. Headset said that all data for the US is from CA, CO, MA, MI, NV, OR, PA, and WA unless otherwise noted. All data for Canada is from AB, BC, ON (private only), and SK. In the US, rosin products had the strongest growth, increasing in sales by 115% over the previous four Fridays. Badder / Budder (+70%) and Live Resin (+60%) were the next most successful segments. In Canada, the top three performing Concentrate segments were: Hash (+86%), Shatter (+49%), and Live Resin (+38%).  Leaflink also tracked sales in 2020 for Dab Day. Sales through LeafLink increased by 5% during the month leading up to 7.10. Despite oil being the celebrated product, flower was the most popular product category during the month leading up to 7.10 – during this…

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