Will The MORE Act Finally Get Passed This Year?


As support for cannabis legalisation continues to grow throughout the US, politicians are increasingly calling for an end to prohibition. A few weeks ago, the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act was reintroduced in Congress, having previously passed the House of Representatives but not the Senate at the end of last year. Since then, however, the Democrats have wrested control of both the Senate and the White House from the Republicans, leading to renewed hopes that the MORE Act could finally be passed before 2021 is out. Related Post US House Of Representatives Votes To Decriminalise Cannabis What Is The MORE Act? The MORE Act is a bill that aims to legalise cannabis at the federal level and includes clauses that would automatically expunge all prior marijuana-related criminal convictions. Aside from allowing the cultivation, possession and sale of cannabis, the bill also prioritises social and racial justice and stipulates that a percentage of all taxes from cannabis sales must be reinvested in those in communities most affected by the War on Drugs. On May 28, New York representative Jerrold Nadler introduced the legislation to the House for a second time, explaining that “since I introduced the MORE Act last Congress, numerous states across the nation, including my home state of New York, have moved to legalise marijuana. Our federal laws must keep up with this pace.” Importantly, the bill has been slightly amended since last year and no longer contains a controversial clause that would prohibit those with prior cannabis convictions from owning cannabis businesses. Clearly, such a stipulation runs contrary to the goal of restoring social justice, and its removal has been widely applauded. The MORE Act also ensures that immigrants can no longer be denied US citizenship on the grounds of cannabis-related criminal records and would end…

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