How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds in 9 Easy Steps

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One of the biggest worries facing weed growers is the non-germination of marijuana seeds. This problem can stop a project before it’s begun, setting growers back for weeks or months, depending on how quickly the seeds can be replaced. There are a few reasons a cannabis seed might not germinate, including poor handling, bad storage, and ill-advised germination techniques. It’s rarely down to the seed itself, especially when you shop at a trusted, reliable store. This article demonstrates how easy it is to germinate your cannabis seeds, achieving success almost every single time. We say “almost,” because seeds are a natural, living thing, and natural, living things can never be 100% predictable. With the help of Homegrown’s Germination Guide, you: Won’t need any special tools or equipment.Can germinate your seeds at home.Can hit 100% success time after time. This is all you need to know about germinating your marijuana seeds, sourced directly from the Homegrown Cannabis Co. Step One: Preparation Once you’ve received your seeds from the Homegrown Cannabis Co., it’s time to get everything ready. Seeds ship from California, so U.S. customers rarely wait more than a week for delivery.   For step one, you will need to have the following household items ready: Paper towelsTweezersPurified or bottled water (add Homegrown’s Germ Genie for extra peace of mind)2 dinner platesYour Homegrown seeds You can use Germ Genie in your germination water, an addition to soil or hydro, or as part of a feeding plan for the first weeks of growth. It’s a kelp-based miracle-in-a-bottle, perfect for beginners or those growing in adverse conditions. “Germ Genie is amazing for marijuana seeds, a nutrient-packed superfood that practically guarantees success.” – Kyle Kushman Step Two: Creating the Environment Step two is almost as easy as step one. You need to moisten a couple of paper towels, wringing…

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