Marijuana Legalization Is ‘Inevitable’ In Rhode Island And Could Happen This Fall, Top Lawmaker Says

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Marijuana legalization is “inevitable” in Rhode Island and bound to happen “soon,” House Speaker Joseph Shekarchi (D) said on Wednesday. But while he plans to continue negotiations to merge competing reform proposals over the summer with the goal of passing a bill in the fall, the top lawmaker told WPRI-TV that he wants to get the details right without rushing and he’s not sure if legalization will happen before the end of 2021. As in other recent interviews, Shekarchi said he doesn’t intend to let regional pressure dictate the timeline for when Rhode Island enacts a policy change. But it is the case that legalization has now gone in effect in in surrounding states like Connecticut and Massachusetts. “I’m not in any hurry to legalize marijuana for the sake of legalizing it. I want to do it right,” he said. “It doesn’t matter to me if we’re the last state in the union to legalize it or we never legalize it, but I need to do it right.” “I need to make sure that we do this right for the taxpayers of Rhode Island and for the medical community, the business community,” he continued. “This needs to be done properly, and I’m not going to be rushed into it because other states are moving fast. I want to learn from other states, look at the mistakes they’ve made, look at what’s worked in other states, collaborate with them and work to put out a good product.” The Rhode Island Senate did pass a bill to legalize marijuana last month. But that’s one of three separate proposals moving through the legislature, and the speakers has said that there are a series of issues that need to be resolved before the House advances reform. Social equity, licensing fees, labor agreements and home grow…

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