Women Oppose Sha’Carri Richardson’s Marijuana Suspension While Men Support It, Poll Finds

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There’s been widespread condemnation over the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s (USADA) recent decision to suspend U.S. runner Sha’Carri Richardson from at least some Olympic competition over a failed marijuana test. But according to a new poll, women are notably more likely to oppose the suspension than men are. YouGov surveyed nearly 30,000 Americans about the decision and, somewhat surprisingly, found that a plurality (43 percent) support the punishment, while 41 percent oppose it. But a gender breakdown of respondents revealed an interesting divide. More women oppose the suspension of Richardson (44 percent) than support it (39 percent). Men, on the other hand, are more supportive of the penalty (48 percent) than they are against it (38 percent). Americans are closely divided on whether runner Sha'Carri Richardson should have been suspended after testing positive for a chemical found in marijuana. Support – 43%Oppose – 41%https://t.co/guurB6xIam #Tokyo2020 pic.twitter.com/93jaqOxVO2 — YouGov America (@YouGovAmerica) July 6, 2021 The divide is all the more curious considering that past polls have found that women are generally less inclined to embrace marijuana legalization than men are. One might assume that support for cannabis reform in general would translate into opposition to Richardson’s marijuana-related suspension, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in this instance. The YouGov poll doesn’t attempt to solve that quandary, but it raises questions about how public opinion shifts in the intersection of sports, drug policy and gender. Meanwhile, there’s also a significant gap on the issue when it comes to party affiliation and age—though these data are more in line with prior polling on support for legalization. Fifty-three percent of those who identify as Democrats oppose the punishment, while 37 percent support it. In contrast, 62 percent of Republicans agreed with the suspension and 26 percent opposed it. Young people aged 18-24…

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Source : Women Oppose Sha’Carri Richardson’s Marijuana Suspension While Men Support It, Poll Finds

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