Will the Rise of Psilocybin Research Mean Legal Psychedelics?


Legal psychedelics are just a breath away, as we learn more and more about the medicinal potential of this class of hallucinogenic plants. Tribal societies have long used hallucinogenic plants, such as magic mushrooms (psilocybin), peyote, and morning glory seeds, for the purpose of healing and religious ceremony. Additionally, evidence shows ancient Greeks used psychedelic mushrooms as part of a ceremony called ‘kykeon.’ It took place after the harvest to show gratitude and ensure future abundance. While legal psychedelics are not quite a reality, humans have already been using mushrooms for healing for centuries. A Brief History of Magic Mushrooms and Psychedelic Medicine In modern cultures, hallucinogenic mushrooms fell out of favor as contemporary medicine gained confidence. It wasn’t until 1957, after LIFE magazine ran a feature on mushroom enthusiast R. Gorden Wasson, that the tide turned back. Wasson had found a tribe in the Oaxaca region of Mexico that were consuming psychoactive mushrooms. He brought back a sample for Albert Hofmann. Yes, that Albert Hofmann (who discovered LSD)! The chemist isolated the psychoactive ingredient and proceeded to develop a 2mg pill for researchers to use. This research advanced for about twenty years, with psilocybin then viewed as legitimate tool for psychiatric medicine. Then Nixon declared the ‘War on Drugs.’ And psilocybin has been listed in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act since 1970. This designation includes cannabis plus other ‘drugs’ with ‘no accepted medicinal value’ and ‘high potential for abuse’. Fortunately, we are shedding these draconian beliefs and investing heavily into research and laws that will lead to legal psychedelics. Interestingly, spores are not illegal as these contain no psychoactive capacity. It’s the germinating that is the problem. Theoretically, one can purchase and own psilocybin spores so long as these never become mushrooms. Where Can You Find Legal…

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Source : Will the Rise of Psilocybin Research Mean Legal Psychedelics?

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