Weed thrown from NYC rooftop as suspected drug deal takes a violent turn

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The New York Police Department (NYPD) is hoping for a little cooperation from witnesses after an apparent drug deal on a rooftop in Brooklyn earlier this month went sideways and the dealer tossed a big bag of weed off the building. According to News 12 Brooklyn , a drug deal and attempted robbery on June 1 ended with cannabis being thrown from the rooftop to the street below. Investigators say the dealer had arranged to meet with customers, News 12 Brooklyn reports. But shortly after arriving, an unidentified buyer reportedly pulled out a gun and began punching and kicking the dealer. The seller responded by tossing the bag of suspected weed off the roof. Bronx DA gets green light to dismiss more than 6,000 cannabis cases This former New York state prison is now a hub for cannabis businesses Ontario teen steals resident’s weed… and dog The manoeuvre worked, but only temporarily. The cannabis was out of the hands of the would-be thief but making it weed rain didn’t escape the attention of people on the street. Footage released this week by NYPD Crime Stoppers shows the garbage bag landing near the sidewalk at street level. At least three people quickly snatched up the booty, with all three trash collectors hurriedly fleeing the scene, the police video shows. As per the New York Daily News , there were two customers. The dealer apparently tried to sell 19 pounds (8.6 kilograms) of cannabis for US$20,000 ($24,400) just before he was attacked by one of the customers, the newspaper reports. The cannabis seller was reportedly treated in hospital for minor injuries and the suspect fled the scene in a black BMW sedan. The second buyer is said to have suffered an injured knee while running down the stairs from the roof and…

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