United Nations Urges Global Ban On Marijuana Advertising In Novel Regulatory Recommendation

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The United Nations (UN) drug division is urging a global ban on marijuana advertising—but some advocates see that as a sign the prohibitionist body is coming to terms with the fact that widespread legalization is inevitable. In its 2021 World Drug Report, released on Thursday, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said that perceptions of the risks of cannabis have decreased substantially among young people as more areas have loosened laws around the plant or legalized it in some form and as THC potency has increased. But while industry stakeholders may not be inclined to embrace the body’s advice on an outright advertising prohibition, some advocates feel that UN making any kind of regulatory recommendation for marijuana in the first place is a positive development. The UNODC World Drug Report 2021 is out! The #COVID19 pandemic effects ramp up drug risks, as youth underestimate cannabis dangers. Read more: https://t.co/jYphyl0wIz #ShareFactsOnDrugs #SaveLives #WDR2021 pic.twitter.com/9f4oMShi2G — UN Office on Drugs & Crime (@UNODC) June 24, 2021 In a sense, it reflects a shift away from the panel’s standard policy position that cannabis should simply be prohibited, with UNODC essentially recognizing the growing popularity of reforms and offering advice as more legal markets come online. The report states that a “comprehensive ban on advertising, promoting and sponsoring cannabis would ensure that public health interests prevail over business interests.” Via UNODC. “Such a ban would need to apply across all jurisdictions,” it says, adding that more “investment is needed for research into the harm that the non-medical use of cannabis poses to health and to better define the range of health conditions for which cannabis products may be an effective treatment.” UN does not have the authority to enforce such a ban; rather, it serves as a simple policy recommendation that member…

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Source : United Nations Urges Global Ban On Marijuana Advertising In Novel Regulatory Recommendation

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