Top 10 Tips on Growing Autoflowers


Since their introduction, growing Autoflowers has become an experience all on their own. Their flowering time vs their yield and growing conditions is an interesting conundrum for hobbyists and experts alike. Autoflowers are a Seedsman specialty. In fact, we were the first seed bank on the globe to sell them to the mainstream. By their very nature, Autoflowers are easier to grow. Unlike regular photoperiod strains, Autoflowering cannabis shifts automatically between vegetative and flowering stages with age instead of the ratio of light exposure. This means most Autoflowers are ready to harvest in 10 weeks from the first germination. This makes them ideal for beginner growers looking for an easier way to begin and comes in handy for traditional harvesters due to their quick turnarounds. But, even though they’re inherently simpler to grow, that doesn’t mean you can just plant and leave them expecting a bountiful harvest. There’s still plenty to keep in mind. So, with that being said, here are Seedsman’s top 10 autoflowering growth tips. #1 Getting started before you get started            It’s tempting to browse an Autoflower product page and get excited by the prospect of your own home-grown buds in just a few weeks. But, because they don’t take long to grow once potted – you must plan your growing process beforehand. What growth medium are you using? If you’re growing outdoors, is the climate correct this time of year? If you’re growing indoors, have you sorted out your lights and ventilation? Growing different plants gives you wiggle room to adjust how you raise them. Autoflower’s speed means you need to have all your ducks in a row before you even begin germinating. #2 The right pot for pot You’ve designated your space outside, or you’ve plugged your lights indoors, and you’re ready to go. Autoflowering…

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