Tips For Talking To A Doctor About Medical Marijuana


Many people around the country live in a state where medical marijuana is now legal. But they may find themselves wondering how they should approach talking to a doctor about medical marijuana since it remains illegal at the federal level. This can really become an issue for older patients who spent their bulk of their lives in a country where weed was not only illegal, but often demonized. That can make bringing it at a doctor’s visit hard to do. But more seniors than ever are seizing the chance to find out what medical cannabis can do for them. For those who want to join them, the following tips for talking to a doctor about medical marijuana can set your feet on the right path. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask It’s easy to feel confused about the laws around use of marijuana. It remains a hot political issue in some places. And it’s still a Schedule I illegal drug at the federal level. But almost every state allows use of medical marijuana for certain conditions, and more than 30 have medical marijuana laws that greatly expand its use. There’s no harm at all in asking your doctor about how you might use weed to treat your condition. Know the Facts About Medical Marijuana At one time, people had to learn about the possibilities of medical marijuana through anecdotes from others. Now, they can access plenty of information from studies around the world. While cannabis has potential use for everything from cancer to anxiety, most seniors choose to try it to help them better manage chronic pain. Check State and Local Laws Until the U.S. Congress decides to legalize marijuana, lawmakers in each individual state must act on their own. That results in laws that can differ widely on what medical…

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