The strains that made Wonderbrett

During a road trip in late 2020, I was driving through Redding, California on a 12-hour journey back to Seattle with a need for something fire and affordable. I made the decision to stop at Vibe by California to see what they might have for the boy, and man oh man did I find an absolute gem: Wonderbrett’s Pink Picasso.  Wonderbrett is a cannabis producer and lifestyle brand in California that was co-founded by expert cultivators Brett Feldman and Cameron Damwijk. The Wonderbrett brand has been around since 2014, but the duo were making a name for themselves in the Los Angeles street and music culture since the mid-90s, long before that pretty pink packaging hit dispensary shelves and Instagram slideshows.  Pink Picasso was one of the most perfect flowers I’d ever seen in my life —  weed that undeniably combines flavor, potency, and experience in the type of way that reminds you of why you started smoking weed in the first place. Instantly, I knew I had something special on my hands. Recently, I met up with Brett Feldman to tour Wonderbrett’s 180,000 square foot indoor grow facility in Long Beach, smoke some flavors, and discuss the legacy of Wonderbett and the strains that created its place in modern day cannabis culture. 1997: OG Kush In 1997, Brett Feldman was given a cut of OG Kush. A strain so rare, so special, so potent, that Feldman himself felt like he was given a gift from God. See, back then, before Kush swept the streets, he told me that consumers were chasing high-grade cannabis and strains like Skunk, Northern Lights, Trainwreck, California Orange, Hazes, and Chocolate Thai. But when OG Kush hit? Game over. “OG Kush came on the scene and took over everything. No competition at all, it was…

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Source : The strains that made Wonderbrett

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