The strains that made Insane

The best weed I’ve ever smoked in California was from Insane. Ruby Red. Shit tastes like if you were to twist up Shirley Temple flower then dip the joint in a cup of Ocean Spray. It’s the type of weed you come across and you’re like, “okay yeah, whoever did this has definitely perfected their growing craft over a long period of time.” That person is Kenji Fujishima, who’s been growing for the past 30 years.  Insane from Dr. Greenthumb is a brand in California co-founded by B-Real of Cypress Hill, one of the pioneers of modern day cannabis culture, Fujishima, and Roni Desantis. On Insane’s future, Fujishima, the brand’s expert cultivator, told me, “A bunch of different genetics under there. We’re getting ready to do some multi-state type deals. We’re doing a bunch of pheno[type] hunting and breeding programs, so I think that we’re going to continue to evolve what we do as cultivators, but also as a brand.” These are the strains that got them there. 1990: Colombian Gold The very first seed Fujishima ever put into California soil was around 1990. He couldn’t afford to buy weed, so he figured he would just grow it. The strain? Some bagseed that he believes was Columbian Gold. “Just straight up stress weed. If we bought a bag, we were lucky after we picked all the sticks and seeds off, if we got a joint. The weed was trash, but if you grew those seeds, it was actually some fire weed.”  In 1993, Fujishima met B-Real through a mutual friend named Gator. Gator brought him to a show at [California State University, Dominguez Hills] that The Beastie Boys, Rage Against The Machine, and Cypress Hill (what a fucking lineup, wow) were all performing. Soon, a shared love for martial arts…

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Source : The strains that made Insane

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