THC levels alone not a reliable test for cannabis impairment

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A recent study suggests the amount of THC in someone’s system is not an accurate predictor of impairment. The study , conducted with the support of the National Institute of Justice, involved 20 participants in the U.S. They were asked to consume cannabis through edibles or vapes, all with different levels of THC. Afterward, the subjects were tested with common field sobriety tests and asked to complete cognitive tasks. According to the study’s results, the amount of THC wasn’t a reliable indicator when discussing a person’s impairment. This is important since it questions many of the rules revolving around cannabis use, particularly with respect to impairment when driving. How CBD And THC Affect Your Driving, According To Landmark Study Researchers say they’ve pinpointed how long THC is impairing, with smoking having shorter times than ingestion Study: Medical cannabis users as safe to drive as those who take impairing prescription drugs “These important findings come as no surprise,” says Paul Armentano, deputy director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). “Despite a handful of states imposing per se THC thresholds as part of their traffic safety laws, there exists no science demonstrating that these arbitrary limits are reliable predictors of either recent cannabis exposure or impairment.” Researchers gathered blood, urine and oral samples from participants who had ingested THC. The data didn’t correlate with the cognitive tasks and field sobriety tests in which the participants took part. Some individuals had low levels of THC and performed poorly on these tasks and vice versa . THC has long been the focus of impairment rules and discussions. Now that more U.S. states are legalizing the plant for recreational use, this is a problem, since it may result in the arrests of people who aren’t actually impaired. Currently available drug…

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Source : THC levels alone not a reliable test for cannabis impairment

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