Should I care about 7/10?

Lorena Cupcake, voted “best budtender in Chicago,” has answered hundreds of questions from cannabis shoppers and patients during their time as a budtender. And now they’re turning that experience into a monthly advice column, Ask a budtender. Got a question for Cupcake? Submit your questions to   Dear Cupcake, I know 7/10, aka OIL day, is the concentrate-consumer equivalent of 4/20, but do stoners actually celebrate 710? Maybe they’re not filling public parks with dab vapor like it’s 4/20 2.0, but are they celebrating somewhere?  Dear 710-curious, Unlike 4/20, which has layers of lore stretching back decades, 7/10 is a relatively new addition to the pantheon of cannabis culture. I took my first dab over a decade ago, but I only started hearing about 710 within the past few years. While it’s hard to pin down an exact origin story, most folks agree that 710 was modeled on 420, and chosen due to the mirrored resemblance of “710” to the word “OIL.” Whether you call it butane hash oil, honey oil or dabs, there’s no denying that concentrated cannabis oil is one of the most rapidly growing segments of the cannabis market. Though the specialized — and sometimes scary — equipment used to make oils can turn novice consumers away from concentrates, those who dab regularly tend to be passionate about their relationship to the product. In addition to celebrating the special bond that die-hard dabbers have with their budders and bubble hash, July 10th, similar to April 20th, is an opportunity to raise awareness around an oft-overlooked and misunderstood product category. Cris Rivera, SVP of retail marketing and store development at Chicago-based Cresco Labs, told Cannabis Business Times that the focus is on using the holiday “to see if we can get people who haven’t yet tried concentrates but…

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