Senate Joins House In Move To Allow Research On Marijuana From Dispensaries

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Researchers would be able to study the marijuana that consumers are actually purchasing from state-legal retailers—instead of having to use only government-grown cannabis—under legislation that is moving forward in both the Senate and the House. Under the reform, which is contained in a wide-ranging Senate bill that cleared committee on Wednesday, a federal report would need to be issued with recommendations on establishing a national clearinghouse with samples of different types of marijuana that scientists from non-legal states could obtain for studies. The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee’s move comes one week after a House panel also approved a transportation bill that included substantively identical provisions. Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) sponsored the amendment that contains these reforms, and he argued that the changes are necessary in order to promote research into impaired driving and create a national standard for addressing such activity. Colorado led the way on marijuana legalization, but we’re still hamstrung by federal laws. I’m working to lift outdated restrictions to help pave the way for a national standard to prevent marijuana-impaired driving. Glad our amendment passed out of the Commerce Committee today. — Senator John Hickenlooper (@SenatorHick) June 17, 2021 “Colorado led the way on marijuana legalization,” Hickenlooper said in a press release. “The federal government needs to catch up by lifting outdated restrictions on the scientific study of cannabis so we can prevent driving while high.” The Senate panel approved Hickenlooper’s proposal as part of an unanimous vote for a broad package of amendments to a transportation-focused bill. The cannabis-focused amendment mandates that the Transportation Secretary would need to work with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Justice Department to develop a public report within two years of the bill’s enactment that includes recommendations on allowing scientists to access retail-level marijuana to study impaired driving.…

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Source : Senate Joins House In Move To Allow Research On Marijuana From Dispensaries

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