Pre-Rolls: The Next Big Trend in Cannabis Smoking

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The cannabis market is far from what it was 10 years ago. Around the same time when the music industry began to embrace the digital world entirely, the cannabis industry embraced changes that, like streaming services, offered convenience to a new generation. It’s all about pre-rolls. Millennials and Gen. Zers hardly embrace the art of rolling like OG smokers. In fact, pre-rolls are becoming so popular that the state of Washington is offering free pre-rolled joints to anyone who received their COVID-19 vaccine. Though RAW papers are still flying off the shelves, many casual cannabis users are wondering where to buy RAW cones.   There was a time when learning how to roll a joint was almost a rite of passage into the cannabis community. The baby steps, from pencil rolling to hand rolling, were part of a learning process that few mastered, yet a crucial skill for any smoker. Now, with the rise of recreational cannabis in more states, every marijuana dispensary in the legal marketplace offers pre-rolled joints for your convenience.  If you don’t have the rolling technique mastered, but still want to enjoy the experience of smoking a joint, pre-rolled cones are a nice middle ground. This method of smoking is growing among young cannabis consumers, largely because it saves them time. The younger generation does not seem to be as concerned with fancy rolling techniques either. It’s all about getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Twisted to perfection, pre-rolls mean all you need to do is grind your herb and pack it in for that perfectly slow-burning joint. The evolution from hand-rolled to pre-rolled was inevitable. Tobacco products were similarly packed in rolling papers — often with no filter — before cigarette companies revolutionized the way people smoke. Cannabis is following a similar path…

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