Participate in the world’s largest cannabis grower survey


Do you or have you ever grown cannabis (legally or illegally)? Do you think that laws relating to cannabis are wrong? If the answers to these questions are ‘yes’, then help us gather data in this cannabis grower survey that may contribute to changes to law and policy. The Global Cannabis Cultivation Research Consortium (GCCRC) is conducting an anonymous online survey of cannabis growers worldwide. If you have grown cannabis, legally or illegally, within the last five years, take part in our survey here! Help us gather the data that can contribute to sensible policy reform – where people are not treated as criminals for growing their own cannabis, and growers can adopt safer, healthier and more environmentally-friendly approaches to cannabis cultivation. Who is the GCCRC? The GCCRC is an international group of academics researching cannabis growing under different legal and policy regimes. We believe that the prohibition of cannabis is the wrong approach: it criminalises millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens worldwide. It contributes to harms associated with an illegal, unregulated cannabis market. We believe that good drug policy should decrease harms and increase benefits to society: prohibition does the exact opposite. We believe that good policy should be based on the best evidence: currently, drug policy is too often based on myths, stereotypes and misinformation rather than good, objective scientific research. Policy reform can reduce the risk of getting a criminal record, going to prison, or being stigmatised for growing cannabis. But our research is not just about informing policy debates. Published findings can also help those who grow cannabis (legal or illegally) find out more about less harmful growing practices such as avoiding problematic pesticides, fungicides and Plant Growth Regulators. Not that we encourage or condone cannabis growing – especially when illegal. But we do believe that everybody…

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Source : Participate in the world’s largest cannabis grower survey

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