Ovation Science’s Proven Science, IP, and Royalty Model Protects Investors and the Company


If a company has developed very effective, transformative technology, it takes an investment into research and development and time.  It also pays to protect it from copycats and pirates with patents. And if the company’s specialty is science and product development rather than in retail sales and marketing, a royalty- or license-based revenue model could make more sense than investing and building the infrastructure for a multi-market sales organization. These three characteristics – completed research and development, intellectual property, and recurring royalty revenue – are the hallmarks of the business model for Ovation Science Inc. (CSE:OVAT) (OTCQB:OVATF). Investors may be attracted to the company for the protection provided by the patents, the multiple market opportunities, and the simplicity of the revenue model. Ovation’s central innovation is the Invisicare® skin delivery platform, a polymer technology that greatly enhances the durability, effectiveness, and deliverability of cannabinoids (like CBD and THC) on and through the skin. Patents Ovation’s products are all delivered by its Invisicare technology.  This underlying technology is patented in eleven countries, including the US, Canada, four European countries, China, and India. Ovation’s products are protected by various patents or patents-pending; depending on the product The company has further patent protection on individual products like its CBD sunscreen As well Ovation has also applied for patents in the US and Canada to cover its transdermal applications of its CBD: THC combo products. Transdermal treatments are intended to deliver active ingredients like CBD and THC through the skin and work systemically throughout the body. For both Ovation’s topical or transdermal creams, Invisicare® polymers greatly enhance the duration and amount of active ingredients delivered. For topicals, the company found its technology released 40% of active ingredients compared to 3% for market-leading formulations at 2 hours. For its transdermal creams, Invisicare® provided an 80%…

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Source : Ovation Science’s Proven Science, IP, and Royalty Model Protects Investors and the Company

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