Opinion: Looking forward to buying weed on Amazon? Don’t hold your breath

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One of the biggest stories to hit last week was that Amazon’s newly adopted drug policy would no longer test some employees for cannabis. The announcement was widely reported, but the basic message contained in many of them was that the company’s willingness to support legalization and eliminate pot testing might be a sign of higher times. Perhaps the nation was making real progress on this issue and would soon be prohibition-free. One cannabis news outlet even posted an article branded with a headline that was borderline click-bait, predicting that weed sales through the online retailer were surely on the horizon. Is This The Real Reason Amazon Is Supporting Marijuana Legalization? Amazon stubs out cannabis testing requirement for job seekers Woman pleads guilty in connection to cannabis delivery service that brought in more than $17 million Some cannabis advocates believe all that is standing in the way of Amazon becoming one of the largest pot dealers in the U.S. is federal marijuana prohibition. The assumption is that once weed is removed from the Controlled Substances Act , of course Amazon is going to get in on the mix. After all, alcohol is legal, and the company recently nabbed a piece of that action. It makes sense that the next logical move would be cannabis. Right? Although it is conceivable the company will try to capitalize on cannabis to some degree once it’s legal nationwide, Amazon’s weed distribution centre is not going to flourish right away. The company is sure to encounter a slew of challenges if it decides to move on pot products. Even if the federal law does change, some U.S. states will opt to maintain pot prohibition. Furthermore, Amazon’s entry into alcohol — a totally legal substance — is far from being anything to write home about. Search…

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