O, Cannabis – Happy Canada Day!


Since becoming the first industrialized nation to legalize recreational marijuana in 2018, Canada has led globally on progressive cannabis use and consumption. While not without its own issues and a black market that still exists, Canada is still an example to the rest of the world on the many benefits financially and socially available through cannabis law reform. The Canadian government’s three objectives of regulation (public health protection, reducing the illegal market, protecting younger people) were all designed based on years of evidence. Rising consumption, increased potency and criminal gangs were not hampered by illegality, rather encouraged. Today, if you’re in Canada, you can buy and consume cannabis without fear of legal persecution, and now we’re just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. The Road to Reform : A brief History 1800s – Canada, like its southerly neighbours in the States, used hemp across various industries to help stimulate the economy. 1923 – The Act to Prohibit Improper Use of Opium and other drugs is introduced in Canada, officially making cannabis growing and consumption illegal countrywide. The first arrests of cannabis happened a decade later.

1960s – The culture of counterculture was spreading globally; Canadians began using more and more psychedelic drugs and cannabis. 1972 – The Le Dain Commission was established in 1969 to investigate the “non-medical use of drugs” after a rise in criminal charges for young Canadians. In 1972 they published their findings recommending the decriminalisation of marijuana possession. However, no changes were made to cannabis law. 2001 – Canada becomes the second country in the world (after Israel) to allow medical marijuana prescriptions. 2017 – The Cannabis Act Bill C-45 is presented to parliament; the bill proposes full legalization of personal cannabis consumption. 2018 – Bill C-45 is passed, and cannabis…

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