New Israeli Govt Has Huge Agenda – They Say Legal / Decriminlized Cannabis Is Part Of It


Here’s the list of what they say they have to/will do. As you can see there are more than a few issues in there. But.. cannabis does get a mention (we have highlighted in green) Will it happen? We shall see The Times of Israel provides the list To give context of where cannabis sits in their to do list here’s all the things they say will be undertaken by the new government – Shuttering the ministries of digital affairs, water, community promotion and strategic affairs, with the latter being folded into the Foreign Ministry. – Establishing a state commission of inquiry to probe the deadly crush during Lag B’Omer celebrations at Mount Meron in northern Israel in April, in which 45 people were killed. – Constructing two hospitals, one in the Negev in the south of the country and one in the Galilee in the north. – Establishing an additional airport. – Establishing a university in the Galilee. – Establishing a budget for unfunded students at Ariel University in the West Bank. – Submitting a master plan for transportation in the West Bank. – Promoting a national plan for strengthening and developing northern Israel. – Setting annual expansions to the basket of health services to provide additional medicine, equipment and medical technologies. – Providing assistance to the hotel and tourism industry in light of the pandemic, including tax relief, flexible furlough policies and compensation for new businesses. – Promoting a program to eradicate crime in the Arab sector. – Increasing income support allowances for senior citizens to 70% of the minimum wage. – Passing a Welfare Services for Persons with Disabilities Law, and encouraging the use of sign language. – Promoting and implementing reform measures for IDF veterans with physical and mental trauma. – Establishing an emergency program for…

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Source : New Israeli Govt Has Huge Agenda – They Say Legal / Decriminlized Cannabis Is Part Of It

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