Mango and weed: Does mango really enhance your high?


Alternatively, how to get high from a hemp CBD tincture. Stoners have long been told that eating a mango can increase the potency of a THC high. Unlike some other totally bunk stoner myths (please don’t drink bong water), there’s some logic supporting this one.  The science Both mangos and cannabis contain myrcene, a common terpene known for its peppery, hoppy scent and flavor. In popular culture, cannabis strains high in myrcene have been reported to produce “couch lock,” or sedation. Although there is no clinical evidence to support these claims, there was one study published in 2002 in the journal Phytomedicine that showed myrcene may have a sedative effect in mice at very high doses. The study concluded that myrcene, in elevated amounts, may sedate and reduce movement in animals.  While myrcene on its own will not get you high, elevated levels of myrcene are often associated with the experience of fast-acting and powerful highs. Research published in 2016 in the journal Nutraceuticals suggested that this sensation may be due to the myrcene terpene playing a key role in facilitating the transport of cannabinoids into your brain. Additionally, myrcene has been linked to enhanced transdermal absorption, potentially opening up another avenue for greater cannabinoid uptake. White Widow, Skunk XL, and Special Kush 1 are all cannabis strains that may contain high levels of myrcene, which is extremely common across many cannabis varieties. Cannabis strains that contain high levels of myrcene may have a reputation for producing greater than average relaxation, or even a sedative effect, but scientific evidence has not yet supported these claims. Bottom line: Strains high in myrcene are reported to be more sedating and relaxing compared to low-myrcene strains. So it’s possible that doubling down via mangos during your next smoke sesh might result in a…

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