Legal Cannabis Producers In Uruguay Tell Parliament Of Ministry Of Interior & Police Harrasment


La Marihuana reports……(google translate) Despite the famous law that released the herb in Uruguay, cannabis growers reported abuses by the police in Parliament. This is reported by La Diaria, in an article about the presentation of the Cannabis Coordinator in Parliament. There, cannabis growers denounced abuses and irregularities in police procedures and judicial processes . The Special Commission on Addictions will summon authorities from the Ministry of the Interior, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Public Health . It was by teleconference that the Special Commission on Addictions of the Chamber of Deputies received the Cannabis Coordinator. In this way, cannabis growers reported abuses in irregular procedures by the Ministry of the Interior (MI) . The actions are against self-cultivators , who are also harmed with judicial decisions that contravene the provisions of the Cannabis Regulation and Control Law (19,172). The coordinator is made up of self-cultivators, cannabis clubs, patient and family associations, companies, pharmacy purchasers, researchers, and social organizations. The group expressed its concern about the setback in the application of the Cannabis Regulation Law . In particular, with legal provisions and guidelines that go against the “spirit” of that law, such as the resolution of the Prosecutor’s Office that prioritized the prosecution of micro-trafficking. From the coordinator they stated that there is a “problem of judicial, police and State policy .” Likewise, they presented a series of cases in which they understand that there were formalizations of the process against self-cultivators without the corresponding guarantees. Among other issues, they pointed out that the obligation of the Prosecutor’s Office to request formalization in 24 hours when there are detainees “causes the accused to testify without adequate legal assistance.” They also argued that “voluntary raiding” is used systematically , by which the police request permission to enter homes. And that priority is given to “anonymous reporting” as a trigger for police…

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Source : Legal Cannabis Producers In Uruguay Tell Parliament Of Ministry Of Interior & Police Harrasment

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