Latest Blurb Says Toowoomba Grow Facilty Will Produce 500 Tonnes Of Cannabis A Year


They keep pumping out the promo on this yet to be started construction project. As for long term employment of a 1000 people I’ve never read such bullshit in my life. Over the years we’ve read some porky pies in cannabis promo lit but that one takes the biscuit. As regular readers will know we continue to question the financial reality of building such a huge facility when in Canada most companies who did this are virtually giving away the greenhouse facilities built a few years back. Maybe the support from both the Australian Federal govt and the QLD state govt means that Asterion are onto a winner and have mitigated a lot of their risk.   Also as it is Queensland we can’t be surprised to see that at least one of the directors has a mining background Peter Haukedal DIRECTOR (CANADA)Mr. Haukedal has been a director and CEO of Intigold Mines Ltd since February of 2017 Intigold Mines Ltd. currently trades on the TSX-Venture Exchange under the symbol “IGD.V”. We are a Canadian based resource company with the objective of building long term shareholder value through the acquisition and exploration of mineral properties of merit located around the world. Our particular emphasis is on Gold & Silver properties located throughout the countries of the America’s, with a focus on Canada and Peru. Each project goal is to develop a highly economic, mineable deposit, suitable as an acquisition or production target, while maintaining sound fiscal prudence. The company has formed a strategic alliance with TSX-V listed St. Elias Mines Ltd.   Here’s what they told Channel 9 News Australia Construction on a $400 million medicinal cannabis facility in Toowoomba is due to begin in August, creating hundreds of jobs. When it opens, the 40-hectare farm, just 250 metres from Toowoomba’s Wellcamp…

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Source : Latest Blurb Says Toowoomba Grow Facilty Will Produce 500 Tonnes Of Cannabis A Year

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