How Terpenes Enhance Your High

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If you’ve spent much time in dispensaries – or with a particularly bud-savvy friend – you may have encountered a term that’s been generating a lot of buzz in the cannabis industry: terpenes.  What Are Terpenes?  Simply put, terpenes are the chemical compounds that give all plants – not just cannabis – their distinct taste, smell and effects. They’re responsible for scents like pine and lavender (and are even used to make essential oils), as well as the bitter taste of the hops in your favorite IPA. And when it comes to cannabis, terpenes are a big part of the reason some strains make you feel sleepy or subdued, while others might set your mind racing with inspiration. Yet terpenes are still not as well understood as they could be. So, let’s examine some of the most commonly accepted beliefs (and misconceptions) about these crucial little compounds…We’ll also look at how one leading cannabis company is changing the way terpenes enhance your edibles. Belief #1: Terpenes Don’t Really Work in Edibles Some people don’t believe terpenes have any effect at all when ingested, as opposed to being inhaled. We won’t exactly call this belief a myth, because the science (at least as it relates to cannabis) isn’t totally conclusive. And it’s certainly true that, when you isolate THC from the rest of the cannabis plant to create the distillate found in most edibles, you do leave behind terpenes and other beneficial compounds. What many people don’t realize, however, is that it’s possible to reintroduce these terpenes at a later stage of the cooking process, as long as temperatures remain below the terps’ boiling point. And there are a number of studies (involving plants other than cannabis) which have detected terpenes in the subjects’ blood following ingestion – including this one and this one. One popular company, Wana Brands, has…

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