How Modular Pipes Revolutionized the Cannabis Space


In the last 10 years, the cannabis space has advanced in leaps and bounds. From high-quality edibles to shatter and live rosin, cannabis consumers of the mid to late 20th century wouldn’t recognize the plant at all. However, there is much to be said about how pipes themselves have changed during this time. While the simpler pieces of machinery are also the most familiar in smoke shops, modular pipes have become a daily fixture in the lives of modern cannabis consumers. Not to mention, these pipes lead the way for innovation in the world of smoking accessories. Discover how modular pipes revolutionized the cannabis space and why they are still going strong today.    What is a modular pipe? By definition, modular is something that you can disassemble and reassemble. Therefore, a modular pipe is a smoking accessory that can be deconstructed and then put back together again. There are various modular pipes, like the Proto pipe, available on the market today. While some have compartments used for stashing flower or tools, others come apart for easy cleaning or to connect to other accessories in the same line. After all, the nature of a modular pipe allows its parts to be used for various purposes and designs.   Cannabis and modular pipes When modular pipes first became available, the world was much less knowledgeable about cannabis. The plant was still very much illegal in many places, making the use of it more clandestine than it is nowadays. Nonetheless, due to their make and materials, modular pipes began to transform the way smokers enjoyed cannabis. These pipes allowed cannabis consumers to build and disassemble their accessories on the go. Also, modular pipes became so ubiquitous that one was even seen backstage at Woodstock.   A personalized cannabis smoking experience While pipes…

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