How Cannabis Cooperatives Can Help Prevent The Corporatisation Of Weed


Despite calls from activists and policymakers to ensure social equity within the legal cannabis market, the reality is that the industry has become predictably corporate, with large companies dominating. At the same time, smaller and minority-owned businesses struggle to gain a foothold. Bucking this trend is unlikely to be easy. However, cannabis cooperatives may offer a potential solution, as they represent an alternative business model that allows for fairer sharing of power and profits and is designed to meet the needs of communities rather than company executives. Related Post Spain’s Cannabis Social Clubs – Are They Really Legal? What Is A Cannabis Cooperative? Cooperatives – often referred to as co-ops – are community-owned institutions in which all members have an equal say and an equal right to benefit from the income generated. The model has been successfully deployed within various sectors, including agriculture, retail and even medicine, which means the framework is already in place for establishing cannabis cooperatives. There are several different types of cooperative, each of which is structured slightly differently, yet all are designed to ensure that benefits, costs and responsibilities are shared democratically. Given that the start-up and operating costs associated with cannabis businesses currently represent a major barrier for smaller entrepreneurs and those from minority backgrounds, cannabis cooperatives may allow larger numbers of people to participate in an otherwise exclusive marketplace. Consumer Cannabis Cooperatives Consumer cooperatives are those that are owned entirely by their customers, who buy into the organisation to become members. Generally, consumer cooperatives only sell their product to members, who can either purchase items for a reduced price or receive them for free in exchange for their membership fee. Neighbourhood grocery store co-ops are a good example, with all produce shared fairly among members, who typically receive their ration in the form…

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