Growing Together: Peyote Wifi CBD


Up until this point, my favourite high CBD strain has been Seedman’s Cookies Chill CBD 2:1. But after growing all the high THC Peyote hybrids, I was convinced I needed to try the Peyote Wi-Fi CBD!   This grew rapidly with large leaves right out the gate. I chose to grow naturally because I like to see what the plant can do independently for the first time. This gives me a better idea of the strain and how to grow it next time around. After 5 weeks of veg life, I flipped it to flower, and the plant grew these beautiful flowers. They swelled and got nice and firm. It stood out from all the rest of the plants I grew with its purple and yellow fan leaves and sparkling buds. I absolutely love the taste, it burns well and has a smooth finish. The effects are relaxing and uplifting. It is perfect for making extracts and oils for smoking, cooking and infusing topicals. I can see this strain quickly becoming a favourite of mine. I’ve had positive reviews from everyone I have shared it with! The Grow Site I grew these Peyote Wifi CBD seeds indoors in a 4X8 Mars Hydro grow tent. It was the middle of winter, and outdoor temperatures here in Canada averaged -20°C. It can get freezing in my grow rooms during the winter months at night when the lights come off, dipping down to 16°C and peaking at 24°C during the day. I use a 6” Infinity fan to pull air into the bottom of the tent, and another one is installed on the top, drawing air out of the tent and outside the house. Oscillating fans are on 24/7. The dehumidifier works as needed keeping the room at an average of 50% humidity during…

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