Gassy Strains Revive with East Coast Legalization

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Cannabis legalization in New York City means things are a little looser at the Astor Club, a cannabis speakeasy located somewhere on Manhattan’s Lower East Side (and, like everyone else in the weed game, reliably found 24/7 on Instagram). The club’s owners recently welcomed in a writer and photographer from The New York Times, where they caught a distinct whiff of gassy strains from the offerings behind the counter – a little different from the clouds appearing in Los Angeles, Seattle, or Denver. Gassy Cannabis: An Underground Original Like everywhere else with millions of people and an enormous appetite for cannabis, New York City’s market for marijuana is measured in the billions of dollars. But unlike, say, Chicago – headquarters for several of the U.S.’s billion-dollar publicly traded cannabis companies, including some that are buying licenses and setting up shop in New York – New York City has a homegrown cannabis culture, represented in strain names that have survived contact with legal adult-use cannabis’ currently West Coast-dominant culture.  “New York City Sour Diesel,” an indica-dominant hybrid with distinct sharp notes – as if someone kicked over a gas can while filling up their lawnmower – has been a mainstay at seed banks as well as dispensaries coast-to-coast (and in Amsterdam) for decades.  And there’s gas on the menu at Astor Club: a couple of different cuts of Sour Diesel, plus a few more of Chem Dog, another strain with fuel-like notes and East Coast origins. Off-menu, there’s even more: the clubs’ proprietors and a few close friends are passing back and forth enormous glass jars of their treasured private head stashes – and every single one of them is a gassy, fuel-y, chemmy varietal.  On the West Coast, a growers’ ball would be all Gelato and Runtz. Here, it’s a gas…

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