Do you grow cannabis? We need your help!


Last week, we wrote about an anonymous survey recently launched by The Global Cannabis Cultivation Research Consortium (GCCRC) to help learn more about cannabis growers. The GCCRC uses this data to help push sensible cannabis reform across the world. The response has been incredible, so much so, we’re linking the survey once again and telling you a bit more about why it’s important. If you grow cannabis and want drug policies to follow evidence rather than political ideology, please help us by taking part in this survey. Why we need you The winds of cannabis policy change are blowing. Over 40 countries, from Argentina to Zimbabwe, have legalised cannabis for medical use, and the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime has followed World Health Organisation advice to reschedule cannabis under international law in recognition of its therapeutic potential. An increasing number of countries have decriminalised recreational cannabis use as well, including allowing for some home-growing of the plant. A small handful of countries, and a growing number of US States, have gone further, legalising recreational cannabis through regulated markets. In Canada and California, this is proving to be big business, generating large amounts of tax income for the public purse. In Uruguay, the industry remains under state control. But in all models, the legalisation of cannabis and the removal of the market from the hands of organised crime is reducing harm. Consumers can be more confident in the purity and potency of what they are buying. Breaking the link with organised crime means reducing the overlap with serious offences like people trafficking, modern-day slavery, and murder. Pressures are taken off the criminal justice system and the threat of arrest is removed from the hundreds of thousands of people who use cannabis, but are otherwise law-abiding citizens. Tax revenues can…

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