Deutshe Welle Report Says.. “Germany: Cannabis legalization becomes election campaign issue”


Here’s what they are saying With watershed elections looming in Germany, some politicians are talking about a new approach to drug control. The opposition Free Democrats (FDP), for whom civil liberties are a major issue, have called for the limited and legal sale to adults of “cannabis for leisure consumption.” In view of growing global sales of cannabis for medical purposes and private pleasure, the business-friendly FDP is even looking to turn “Cannabis Made in Germany” into a lucrative export product The race to legalize marijuana Things are really beginning to happen in the debate over illegal drugs — and, above all, cannabis. Half a century of restrictive drug policies across Europe has not helped to significantly stifle demand or slash supply. Even the coronavirus pandemic has had no real effect on the flourishing black market. Despite lockdowns and border checks, “at the beginning of 2020, the European drug market was characterized by the widespread availability of a diverse range of drugs of increasingly high purity or potency,” said a report published in mid-June by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA). Cannabis: Drug of choice Sales of illegal drugs in Europe are now reported to be worth some €30 billion ($15.5 billion). And, just like in other countries around the world, cannabis is also by far the most popular prohibited drug in Europe. Despite all the bans and crackdowns, EMCDDA figures suggest that nearly 30% of all adult Europeans will try smoking cannabis as a joint or with a pipe at least once in their lives. In Germany, too, every third adult has smoked cannabis at least once in their lives, indicating there is a high level of acceptance for the drug in many sectors of society. This explains why a growing number of lawyers and prosecutors, criminologists, police officers,…

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Source : Deutshe Welle Report Says.. “Germany: Cannabis legalization becomes election campaign issue”

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