Data Analysis Yields Insights Into Medical Cannabis Use, Efficacy


Just about any industry benefits greatly from the proper use and evaluation of data. The tech giants of today are built mostly on data regarding their users, and advertisers rely on that data to more effectively target their efforts. Every major professional sport is undergoing an analytics revolution. Pharmaceutical companies use artificial intelligence (AI) to sort through reams of scientific data to find potentially effective active ingredients to be developed into approved drugs. In the medical cannabis industry, mostly due to the plant’s long history of prohibition, there is a decided lack of data regarding the use and efficacy of cannabis as a treatment for a wide variety of indications. RYAH Group Inc. (CSE: RYAH) and its wholly-owned subsidiary RYAH Medtech are here to provide just the type of data and analysis needed to move the industry forward. With over 200,000 registered users providing input to the company’s patent-protected, AI-powered database, RYAH is providing unmatched insight into how, why, and how effectively medical cannabis is used. How to Use the Data RYAH publishes monthly reports discussing various topics arising from their analysis of the reams of data in its proprietary RYAH Cloud database, offering a glimpse of how the information can be used. The most recent one, from June 2021, takes a look at patients using cannabis to relieve pain. It’s an interesting analysis of who is using which strains to help treat which types of pain. Over the prior three years or so, 41,260 RYAH-connected patients reported medical cannabis use for the treatment of pain. The company’s analysis of the collected data yielded several insights. Men were more likely than women to treat pain with cannabis. Indicas accounted for about 46% of use, sativas about 33%, and hybrids 21%. CBD-rich strains were generally preferred by all parties involved. The…

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Source : Data Analysis Yields Insights Into Medical Cannabis Use, Efficacy

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