Dangerous Heat Is a Reminder of Our Shared Community Inside and Outside the Business: Week in Review


<![CDATA[This week, the world watched as the Pacific Northwest experienced a shocking and unprecedented heat wave. Records were broken on thermometers across the region, and individuals did what they could to stay cool. It was a dangerous situation.While things have cooled down along the coast, as of July 2, it’s a scary realization: This isn’t the last of the brutally hot weather. As a b2b publication in the cannabis space, we cover the industry and its attendant regulatory dynamics. But what’s an industry if not people? Families, pets, memories, livelihoods. Shared moments like the PNW heat wave remind us that what goes on inside a business has a lot to do with what’s happening outside that business. We need to take care of ourselves—and one another. This very idea came up in my interview with Aster Farms CEO Julia Jacobson this week on Beyond the Show, our new Cannabis Conference podcast. Jacobson recounted her horrifying experiences during the Mendocino Complex Fire in 2018. You can listen here. As we adjust to dramatically heightened climate realities, let us know what you’re seeing and how you’re responding. We’re listening. Here are a few of the latest headlines: “Three years after their product launch and over 15 years since the idea came about, Amy and Dave Nudelman have secured a patent for their tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) infused chewing gum, Joygum.” Assistant Editor Andriana Ruscitto reports on how that happened. Read more Associate Editor Tony Lange reports on a labor dispute out of Portsmouth, R.I., where unionized employees took to striking against a recent termination. Read more Managing Editor Brian MacIver reports: “A heat dome trapped over the Pacific Northwest has broiled much of the region, with record-setting triple-digit temperatures being felt from Whistler, British Columbia, all the way to Northern California. Cannabis cultivators in the…

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