Connecticut Joining Its Neighbors To Fully Legalize Cannabis


Connecticut’s legalization efforts looked all but certain to fail at the beginning of the week, but now it’s headed to the governor’s desk to be signed into law. Sales could begin in May 2022. During the state’s normal legislative calendar, lawmakers passed a similar bill, but Republicans pushed back and it never made it to a vote. The session ended and the measure was moved to the special session. Although Republicans got the blame for the delay, several state Democrats had also expressed concerns. In the state’s recent special session, the Senate approved a full legalization bill by a vote of 19-12. Governor Stands Firm Governor Lamont, who had been supportive of legalizing adult-use sales, signaled his displeasure with the social equity language. “Gov. Ned Lamont is threatening to veto a bill legalizing and taxing marijuana because it does not go far enough in addressing the historical trauma of the war on drugs and ensuring equity in the state’s budding recreational marijuana industry.” Paul Mounds, Lamont’s chief of staff said the law, “does not meet the goals laid out during negotiations when it comes to equity and ensuring the wrongs of the past are righted. To the contrary, this proposal opens the floodgates for tens of thousands of previously ineligible applicants to enter the adult-use cannabis industry.” That’s when an amendment was added that stated that those applicants must have an average household income of less than 300% of the state median over the three tax years immediately preceding the person’s application or was a resident of a disproportionately impacted area for no less than five of the 10 years immediately preceding their application. Other criteria include people who were incarcerated for the sale, possession or cultivation of cannabis or had a parent, spouse or child who was imprisoned for…

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