Cannabis Freedom Alliance Publish Their Inaugural Monthly Newsletter


We thought it might be a good idea to juts republish their inaugural newsletter as is for you, dear reader, to take a look at. We enjoyed it and are looking forward to reading it on a regular basis   Welcome to the Cannabis Freedom Alliance Monthly Newsletter! Thank you for signing up for our monthly newsletter and welcome to our inaugural edition. The Cannabis Freedom Alliance (CFA) will take this opportunity to provide you each month with relevant news, policy, and legislative updates on how CFA and its members are marching towards the goal of ending cannabis prohibition. As with this month (see below), we will be releasing exclusive content to our readers.   Meet the Cannabis Freedom Alliance! The CFA seeks to end the prohibition and criminalization of cannabis in the United States in a manner consistent with helping all Americans achieve their full potential and limiting the number of barriers that inhibit innovation and entrepreneurship in a free and open market. Founding members include Mission Green/The Weldon Project, Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce, Reason Foundation, Law Enforcement Action Partnership, and Americans for Prosperity. The CFA has coalesced around four founding principles of marijuana legalization: De-scheduling of cannabis under the federal Controlled Substances Act and the facilitation of an orderly, legal market for cannabis; Expungement of existing federal cannabis convictions and encouragement of individuals to successfully re-enter the workforce; Promoting entrepreneurship on a free and open market for legal cannabis; and Pursuing a tax regime that allows legal cannabis to compete with and ultimately eliminate the illicit market. CFA to Issue Recommendations for Federal Regulation of Legal Marijuana For the first time since Congress agreed with the Nixon Administration in 1970 to outlaw the possession, sale and manufacture of marijuana and marijuana-related products, congressional leadership has recently signaled a…

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Source : Cannabis Freedom Alliance Publish Their Inaugural Monthly Newsletter

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