Cannabis Decriminalised in Mexico


Adults in Mexico are to be allowed to apply for permits to grow and consume their own cannabis, after the country’s Supreme Court finally decriminalised recreational weed. The move comes after a frustrating few years in which lawmakers failed to put in place a framework for a legal cannabis market in Mexico, despite being ordered to do so by the Supreme Court itself. Related Post Everything You Need To Know About Mexico’s Cannabis Legalisation Bill Cannabis Decriminalised But Not Regulated In Mexico The fact that recreational cannabis has finally been decriminalised in Mexico has understandably been met with a great deal of optimism, although the situation remains somewhat chaotic and far from ideal. While the new ruling allows for permit holders to carry up to 28 grams of weed and cultivate eight plants at home, it doesn’t regulate the sale of cannabis, which means the country still lacks a legal market.Nonetheless, the fact that people are now allowed to generate their own supply is seen as a big step forward, and hopes are high that this change in policy could weaken Mexico’s notoriously violent cartels, which depend on illegal markets. However, critics say that the only way to truly erode the financial base of these criminal organisations is to create a fully regulated legal cannabis market, with some asserting that all other illicit drugs must also be legalised. The Long Road To Cannabis Decriminalisation In Mexico The recent ruling has been a long time coming, with the Mexican Supreme Court first declaring the prohibition of cannabis to be unconstitutional back in October 2018. Lawmakers were then ordered to introduce new legislation that would allow for the creation of a legalised cannabis market, and were given a year in which to do so. Numerous extensions were then granted, with the deadline…

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