Cannabis And Indigenous Communities In The Americas


The Americas have led the way on cannabis reform, with countries including Canada and Uruguay having legalised recreational use, along with several US states. The relationship between cannabis and indigenous communities throughout the region, however, is complex and problematic, and recent changes in national policies have made matters considerably more confusing. A number of tribal and First Nations in both the USA and Canada, for instance, have been placed in a precarious position as a result of new federal laws regarding cannabis, with the sovereignty, health and economic development of these communities all at stake. Related Post Why Cannabis Reform Must Prioritise Racial Justice Cannabis And Indigenous Communities – The Global Picture For more than a century, cannabis has played a role in race relations around the world, with indigenous and other minority ethnic groups in the Americas being disproportionately targeted by law enforcement for weed-related offences. Recent steps towards legalisation have changed the landscape considerably, yet the system remains very much rigged against those who have suffered most from historical prohibition. For instance, the International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants allows for cannabis breeders around the world to obtain intellectual property rights in the cultivars they create. However, traditional indigenous cannabis growers are generally excluded from this opportunity, as they tend to cultivate landrace strains which are considered to be ‘raw’ materials rather than the product of human endeavour, and cannot therefore be classed as intellectual property. Given that these landraces provide the genetic building blocks with which all commercial strains are built, the irony of this situation is easy to spot. With the establishment of legal markets, entrepreneurial breeders and cultivators worldwide have made considerable sums of money, yet indigenous cannabis-farming communities have been denied access to these riches. In Mexico, for instance, a…

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