California Senator Rallies Support For Bill To Legalize Psychedelics Possession Ahead Of Key Vote

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On the eve of a key committee vote, a California senator was joined by military veterans, medical professionals and former law enforcement officials at a press conference on Monday to build support for his bill to legalize possession of psychedelics in the state. The Senate has already approved the legislation, which faces its first Assembly hearing on Tuesday. Sen. Scott Wiener (D), sponsor of SB 519, held the event days after opponents—including a candidate for state attorney general—rallied against the proposal. Right-wing anti-science voices — the ones who push the failed War on Drugs — are spreading flat-out lies on our bill to decriminalize psychedelics.#SB519 is being driven by combat veterans & parents who’ve seen psychedelics’ life-saving power to treat mental health & addiction. — Senator Scott Wiener (@Scott_Wiener) June 28, 2021 “We’re here today to talk about solutions—real solutions for our veterans, real solutions for Californians of all backgrounds struggling with trauma, with depression, with anxiety, with addiction,” Wiener said at his press event. “Psychedelics have shown huge promise in treating mental health and substance use disorders and have been a lifeline for so many.” “Mental health is a critical reason to decriminalize psychedelics,” the senator said. “But let’s be clear that there’s another reason, and that is that the racist war on drugs, which has fueled mass incarceration and torn apart communities, particularly communities of color, but has not made us any safer.” Marine Corps veteran Juliana Mercer, Heroic Hearts Project Founder Jesse Gould and Law Enforcement Action Partnership’s Diane Goldstein were among those who participated in the event. “Decriminalizing psychedelics will allow law enforcement to prioritize serious threats to public safety and redirect resources away from ineffective drug control strategies to strategies that actually work and are grounded in evidence-based practices,” Goldstein, who served as a lieutenant…

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Source : California Senator Rallies Support For Bill To Legalize Psychedelics Possession Ahead Of Key Vote

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