Brazil: Deputies file appeal for medical cannabis legislation PL 399 not to go straight to the Senate


Congressman Diego Garcia (PODE-PR) presented, this Tuesday (22), a request for Bill 399/15, already approved by the Cannabis committee, to be voted on in the Chamber’s plenary and no longer go directly to the Senate. The text legalizes planting for medicinal and industrial purposes in Brazil and was terminative in the commission. The obstruction request was signed by 129 congressmen, but only 52 were needed. Now the appeal must be voted on by the 513 federal deputies. “This is a matter that, due to its complexity and great impact on citizens’ lives, must be exhaustively analyzed and debated by the plenary composition of this House”, argued Garcia. The rapporteur of the Cannabis Committee, Luciano Ducci (PSB-PR), explained to Cannabis & Saúde that the goal now is to overturn the application, so that PL 399 can go straight to the Senate. Otherwise, he believes that the text will be approved again, even if the scoreboard was tight in the commission: they were 17×17 with Ducci’s own mining vote breaking the tie. “We are going to work to overturn the appeal in plenary. If it happens to be approved, we will organize ourselves with all the parties, with the leaders, the people who were on the commission. But I am convinced that we are able to approve the project in plenary. The resource is another situation. Many (favorable) people may want to approve the resource to broaden the discussion and then approve the PL”, he explained. According to the deputy, a meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday (23), at 11 am, a meeting with the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL) to deal with the application. Ducci believes that Lira is sensitive to the cause and will bring the topic to the fore soon. Even because it was the president of the House himself who called a general commission on cannabis in May.…

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Source : Brazil: Deputies file appeal for medical cannabis legislation PL 399 not to go straight to the Senate

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