Bill To Let Researchers Study Marijuana From Dispensaries Approved In Congressional Committee

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A U.S. House committee on Thursday morning approved a bill that would let researchers study marijuana products from state-legal dispensaries, rather than have them rely on a very limited supply of cannabis preparations from what is currently the only federally authorized source. The provision, which was included in a 1,300-plus-page transit bill, cleared the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and will now head to the full chamber for consideration. It would let scientists conduct impaired driving research using the actual marijuana products that consumers are purchasing and using and would also allow the interstate distribution of cannabis to scientists in jurisdictions that have not yet enacted legalization. However, these provisions do not represent the main crux of the INVEST in America Act, a bill focused on providing funding for highway and transportation projects. An earlier version of the measure cleared the House last Congress with identical marijuana provisions but did not advance in the GOP-controlled Senate. The transportation legislation also contains a separate section that would require legal marijuana states—and only those states—to consider methods of educating people about and discouraging impaired driving from cannabis. Advocates take issue with that language simply because it targets legalized jurisdictions while ignoring the fact that marijuana-impaired driving takes place regardless of its legal status. But they are encouraged by the provision calling on the Department of Transportation to consult with the attorney general and Department of Health and Human Services to develop a report with recommendations on providing researchers with access to “samples and strains of marijuana and products containing marijuana lawfully being offered to patients or consumers” in legal states. The report should also explore “establishing a national clearinghouse to collect and distribute samples and strains of marijuana for scientific research,” the text of the proposal states, and that would include cannabis from…

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Source : Bill To Let Researchers Study Marijuana From Dispensaries Approved In Congressional Committee

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